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About Us

Here's Our Thinking:

Potentially productive, desperately impoverish people, need opportunities to work in our global economy.

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People are always trying to fix our system of capitalism. However, from our perspective "The Free Market System" is not broke.

We're confident the answers to relieving human suffering has a lot more to do with human choices, than changing our tried and proven system of product distribution.

That's the beauty of our new and innovative kind of capitalism. We appreciate and know the power of the "Free Market System“. We use our time, talents, resources and freedom to leverage the strength of “Free Market‘s” to help those, who at this time, cannot help themselves because of the extreme, impoverished conditions in which they live.

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We call ourselves - Humanitarian Entrepreneurs. We organize and operate for-profit businesses. We pay Fair Trade wages and we return 100% of our companies profits to the people we work with and the villages they live in – through approved non-profit organizations.

We Have A Solution...

Creating hope, jobs, and 100% self perpetuating economic sustainability

We invite you to join with us in this new and innovative way of helping end suffering in desperately impoverished areas of the world; by leveraging the power of "Free Markets" in behalf of those who have no hope.

Thanks For Your Support

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