The Gift f Light
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Give the Gift of Light

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The Gift of Light!

HybridLight Solar-Powered Flashlights Sell Nationally for up to $25 each

By Supporting 'The Gift of Light' Humanitarian Cause They are Only $19.95 each.

However, this is where it gets really exciting!!!

When you purchase two HybridLight Solar Powered Flashlights for the extraordinary bargain price of $39.90 (That is only $19.95 each) we will hand deliver a third HybridLight Solar Powered Flashlight, as a Personal Gift From You, to a desperately impoverished Mayan family who spends each night in complete darkness.

Or You Can Choose To Give Two Solar Powered Flashlights and Keep One!

Everybody Wins!


To purchase your 'Gift of Light' Solar Powered Flashlights at this very special price go to:

To Give 1 flashlight and Keep 2 use the checkout code: give1

To Give 2 flashlights and Keep 1 use the checkout code: give2

You pay for the shipping costs for the lights we are sending to you.

We cover the costs of delivering the flashlights to the Mayan families.

To Learn More Please Download Our PDF