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We Are Building A Support Team Centered In Love.
We Want You On Our Team!

Sponsors Circle

  Founders Circle

Premier Plastics - Salt Lake City, Utah - Jim Holbrook, Owner

  Going Beyond Fair Trade - $10,000+

  100% Product Sustainability Circle - $5,000+

Larry and Susan Jensen

  Product Implementation Circle - $2,500+

Christian and Sandy Purser
Hess Construction - Arden Hess
Nixon and Anna Lima - Guatemala

  Product Sponsor Circle - $1,000+

Cannon Sales Inc. - Bruce Powell
Centerville-Farmington Utah Rotary International
Ken and Rolayne Hosking
Sam and Diane Bigger

We are looking for individuals and businesses who are willing to help create 100% Self Perpetuating Economic Sustainability among the desperately impoverished and maligned people of Guatemala by Sponsoring Mystic Maya products being sold in the Global Market Place.

The cost of bringing a new product to market is between $15,000 to $30,000

As we are able to offset new product startup costs, through individual product sponsorship, we can directly turn costs into bottom line profits.

Your "Onetime" participation in our product sponsorship program, will create 100% Self Perpetuating Economic Sustainability in the form of Reoccurring PROFITS for years to come.

We want to include you in one of our ever expanding circles of friends who are helping improve the quality, marketing, salability, distribution and market sustainability of the products we are selling here in Guatemala, the United States of America and the World.

If you don't quite have the means to join our Circle of Sponsors you can still support the Mystic Maya cause by purchasing our beautiful, handcrafted art and products. Each time you do, you are joining a growing community of socially responsible people, who are offering a hand-up to all of humanity.